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A Better Way to Move People & Products

Equip your facility with industrial utility vehicles designed for workplace application in Northern & Central California


Move Safer

Move Simpler

Move Efficiently

Moving people and products are a part of doing business, and you deserve a simple effective way to get it done

Why Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot XL is the preferred utility vehicle:

High payload and towing capacities for indoor/outdoor use.
  • 48 volt electric, or Lithium-Ion electric
  • Speed up to 18 mph
  • Range up to 60 miles
  • Load capacity of 3,000 pounds
  • Tow capacity of 10,000 pounds
  • Two person capacity
  • And much more!

Keep the golf carts on the course.

There's an industrial utility vehicle just made for the job

Tiger Tow Tractor


Taylor-Dunn offers light, medium, or heavy tow capacity with a lower total cost of ownership, zero emissions, new safety features, and minimal maintenance.

ProX Street Utility Vehicle


From jobsite mobility to transporting goods to first response, Polaris Pro XD street-legal vehicles that move people, equipment, and other payloads with ease.

GEM Passenger Utility Vehicle


Safe, sustainable, stylish, and cost-efficient, GEMs are made to fit your lifestyle and move people. Unlike golf carts, GEM is street-legal on most roads at 35 mph or less.

Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot Flatbed Utility Vehicle


Built to haul and tow more than a standard pickup truck, yet nimble enough for tight turns in smaller facilities, it’s no wonder Bigfoot is the silent workhorse for any industry.

Schedule a demonstration, and one of our experts will help you find the best industrial utility vehicle for your operation. We'll bring it to your facility so you can take a test drive.

"Our campus fleet had standard cars, trucks, and vans built to travel 90 mph and go 400 miles on a single tank. But our campus has a maximum speed limit of 25 mph and an average travel distance of just 12 miles a day! We were wasting thousands maintaining these vehicles unnecessarily. We saved more than $100,000 in fleet costs (and reduced our C02 emissions) by switching to an all-electric, street-legal industrial utility vehicle from Polaris."

Save money and get more done

Download your free copy of 6 Reasons Why Lithium-Ion Utility Vehicles Run Longer for Less Money eBook to learn how.

Polaris Taylor-Dunn GEM Pro-XD

Here's how to get the right industrial utility vehicle:

1. Request a Demo

Complete the form to schedule an on-site demo, and we'll give you industrial utility vehicle recommendations based on your business needs.

2. See It In Action

We’ll bring your top recommended vehicles to your location so you can test them out in your own environment. No imagination necessary.

3. Get Moving

When you’ve got the right vehicle for your worksite, you’ll love being on the move with a safer, more efficient industrial utility vehicle made to get the job done.

Move people and materials with ease and efficiency

There's an industrial utility vehicle to fit your business and lifestyle, whatever that may be.


Save money and get more done

Download our free eBook to learn why electric is the way to go.

Is an electric utility vehicle powered with an Li-Ion battery a good fit for your operation?

You know electric is the way to go, and you've heard about the advances with lithium- ion batteries. But, it is really worth it?  Download our free guide to learn:

  • How far can Li-Ion utility vehicles go?
  • How much can you save?
  • Is Li-Ion right for your application?

Take the first step to a safe, efficient, and more productive operation. Fill out the form to get your free copy of 6 Reasons Why Lithium-Ion Utility Vehicles Run Longer for Less Money.


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Need Service?

We perform on-site service & maintenance to keep you moving. Our GEM and Taylor-Dunn Certified technicians come to you for stress-free repairs. 


Get the right vehicle for the job.

The right utility vehicle will get it done safely and efficiently. Schedule a demo to take a test drive and see for yourself.

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