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High-Speed Roll-Up Doors Protect Your Business

Safeguard your facility by improving climate control and creating a safe environment for your employees and equipment in Northern & Central California


Keep It Clean

Protect Employees

Impress Clients

Old Door


Does your old roll-up door leak money?

If you don't have a high-speed roll-up door, you are at risk of:  

  • Difficulty keeping workplace hygiene
  • Dirt, dust, debris, bugs, rodents, and other contaminants
  • Higher energy costs and weather-related leaks
  • Lack of climate control to prevent premature food spoilage
  • Unsafe work environments for employees and equipment

Minimize Exposure

A high-speed roll-up door provides a critical barrier to protect your inventory, employees, and equipment. 

A high-speed roll-up door can do more than reduce your energy bill, it also can also:

  • Safeguard Your Facility - keep your facility clear of dirt, dust, bugs, and other contaminants

  • Improve Climate Control - prevent spoilage, create temperature regulation, and reduce your energy bill

  • Protect People & Equipment - high-speed roll-up doors don't have tracks, chains, or pinch points, so they are safer for employees and equipment passing through

Albany High-Speed Roll-Up Doors

Albany Doors, The Smarter Choice

TOTAL Material Handling is proud to offer Albany doors, the recognized leader in high-speed roll-up doors.
Albany doors are known to last more than a decade and come with a 5-year, 1 million-cycle warranty. Don't make the mistake of "buying cheap and crying twice.” An Albany door will provide years of reliable performance.

Albany’s specially-engineered doors are the superior choice for:

Albany Interior Doors


Maintain climate control and blocks dust and debris with a full perimeter seal. Flexible curtains, a soft bottom edge and advanced safety systems eliminate damage from accidental impact.

Albany Exterior Doors


Establish a secure barrier between the interior and exterior environments with a high-speed door designed to resist all weather conditions while providing reliability, security, and aesthetics.

Albany Cold Storage Doors


From the freezer to the loading dock, Albany high-speed doors offer superior climate control for high-traffic cold storage applications including cooler, freezer, and dual-climates to reduce premature spoilage.

Albany Clean Room Doors


Maintain stringent requirements (up to ISO Class 5) in pharmaceutical, laboratory, semiconductor (or other) with exceptionally fast speeds, tight seals, and reliable performance.

Sign-up for a free high-speed roll-up door demonstration and let us help you minimize exposure, protect your employees, and stop leaking profits.

Save money and protect your business.

Download your free copy of 6 Money-Saving Reasons to Use a High-Speed Door eBook.


Don't let your profits float out the door.

Create a critical barrier against dust, debris, and contaminants. A high-speed door is closed 757 hours per year compared to a conventional door. That's more than a month's worth of extra protection.

Keep It Clean

High-speed roll-up industrial doors open and close in 1-2 seconds, minimizing exposure to outside temperatures, bad weather, and contaminants.

Protect Your People

Touch-free high-speed doors are safer to operate. Sensors open and close the door, so there aren't chains or tracks that can injure personnel or equipment.

Impress Clients

High-speed doors give your business a "wow" factor. They’re smart, simple to use, safe, fast, and easy to keep clean. And, they can increase your productivity.


Save money and protect your business.

Safeguard your employees, inventory, and equipment

A high-speed roll-up door quickly pays for itself.

Do people pass through your warehouse or cleanroom door more than 55x per day? If so, a high-speed roll up door will quickly pay for itself. Download our free guide to learn:

  • Which applications benefit most from high-speed doors
  • How to take advantage of government incentives
  • Surprising facts about high-speed vs. sectional doors
  • How a food processing plant reduced its energy bill by thousands of dollars

Take the first step to a safer, cleaner, more productive operation. Fill out the form to get your free copy of 6 Money-Saving Reasons to Use a High-Speed Door.

6 Money Saving Reasons to Use a High-Speed Door eBook

Quality Guarantee

A high-speed door is guaranteed to last! High-quality Albany doors are backed by a 5-year and 1 million-cycle warranty.

Albany High-Speed Doors

Designed and engineered to meet the evolving needs of today’s warehouses and facilities, Albany high-speed doors combine:

  • High-quality
  • Safety & reliability
  • Easy maintenance
  • 5-year, 1-million cycle warranty


Don't let your profits float out the door.

See a high-speed door in action at our East Bay location, or schedule an online virtual demo. 

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