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Forklift Batteries & Warehouse Power Solutions

We help California & Nevada warehouses improve efficiency, throughput, and runtime with power charging systems, new and used batteries, battery repair, maintenance, rentals, accessories, and safety training.

More Uptime

More Efficiency

More Throughput

Corrosive Forklift Battery


If your warehouse isn't using the right amount of power, you could be:

  • Wasting Money: If you have unused power, you're wasting money and not getting the maximum life out of your forklift batteries.
  • Wasting Time: Employees who could be more productive but waste time dealing with dead batteries.
  • Using the Wrong Technology: The wrong power technology could shorten the life of your batteries and equipment.
  • Losing Productivity: Without the right amount of power, batteries run out of power before shifts are complete.

Powering your operation takes more than just buying batteries

TOTAL Power Solutions doesn't just sell forklift batteries. We ensure your warehouse is running on the right equipment, with the right charging system, and just the right amount of power.

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We're Experts In All Things Electric

We're here to help you run efficiently so you can maximize your profit, productivity, efficiency, throughput, and runtime.

Lead Acid Forklift Batteries

For over 100 years, lead-acid batteries have been the most common type. They are affordable and reliable, but they do require very careful maintenance to keep operating at maximum efficiency.

Lithium-Ion Forklift Batteries

Li-ion forklift batteries offer the highest productivity and uptime with the lowest maintenance. They're a higher up-front investment but tend to be the best option for future-thinking operations.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

The power of the future! Hydrogen fuel cell technology is still new but has the potential for a bright future. We'll stay on top of the latest, and keep sharing what we know, so you stay informed.

Schedule a power analysis to maximize your profit, productivity, efficiency, throughput, and runtime.


Plug into the best forklift power consulting in California & Nevada

From single-battery replacements to whole-fleet optimization, we've got you.

Battery Options

We'll help you find the absolute best new or used battery for your forklift and your budget.

Battery Rentals

Get guaranteed power, with none of the headaches of battery ownership.

Charging Systems

We'll analyze your equipment and shift logistics for the perfect charging system.

Service & Maintenance

Replacement, watering, cleaning, inspection, and anything else you need.

Battery Accessories

We have a wide variety of power accessories for forklift batteries, including chargers, connectors, and more.

Safety Consultations

We're here to help you stay on top of OSHA regulations in order to keep your team (and equipment) safe.

Battery Storage

We can help you plan, build, and maintain every detail of your battery room and safe battery storage.

Compliance Support

Based on California or Nevada regulations, we'll help you stay OSHA compliant so you can avoid fines & violations.


With TOTAL Power Solutions, you get:

Complete Solutions

We don’t say “power solutions” because it’s a hot marketing term. We offer solutions to every real-life material handling power problem you may face.

That means batteries, charging stations, power optimization, service, and more.

Smart Investments

How long do you plan to be in business? A long time, right? Your power solutions should be planned the same. 

We offer power solutions that save you time and money in order to make your operation more profitable.

Loyal Partnership

Once you have efficient power solutions in place, we'll train your team to keep everything running smoothly and safely.

Or, you can leave it all up to us. We can handle everything for you so you can run a 100% maintenance-free warehouse. 

Forklift Battery Charging Station


Leading the charge in electric power: together

The world is moving to electric power, and California is leading the way. As internal combustion engines are phased out and electric equipment becomes the standard, powering your warehouse will only get more and more complex. 

That’s why Total Power Solutions is here to be your guide to all things electric.

We’ve been in the game since 1982: long before electric was trendy. Since then, we’ve partnered with almost 1,000 facilities to reliably and efficiently power their operation.

Optimize your power & transform your warehouse

Power your operation efficiently, maximizing your warehouse productivity every day. It's easy to get started with us:

Step-1-Icon-Red-200pxSTEP 1: GET A POWER ANALYSIS
We’ll visit your facility to inspect your equipment, batteries, safety measures, shift logistics, and power usage to uncover potential opportunities for improved efficiency, uptime, and throughput.


STEP 2: GET THE RIGHT POWER With the data we collect, we'll be able to discuss and implement how to ensure your warehouse is running on the right equipment, with the right charging system, and with the right amount of power


Enjoy the increase in profit, productivity, efficiency, throughput, and runtime. We'll stick with you to maintain equipment, stay on top of regulations, and help you tap into government grants and resources.

Complete the form below to schedule a free power analysis

Need forklift battery repair, service, or maintenance right now?

Whether you need your forklift battery cleaned, watered, repaired, or serviced, we are here to handle all of your electric material handling equipment needs.

Our expert battery technicians have the best response time with the largest coverage area to get your equipment serviced FAST. Time is money, so we carry repair parts on our trucks that get you up and running quickly and back to your business.

Forklift Battery Repair, Service & Maintenance

Battery Repair

Our expert power & battery technicians have the best response time and the largest coverage area to get your equipment serviced fast.

Battery Replacement

If you have battery problems and need a quick replacement, TOTAL Power Solutions will get you up and running as quickly as possible, guaranteed.

Battery Maintenance

We take care of battery cleaning, watering, and all other maintenance. We're here for all of your forklift battery needs, so you can keep moving.

San Francisco, CA

We need to talk about CARB

No, not the nutrient. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is working hard to combat climate change by phasing out internal combustion (IC) forklifts.

The good news: there are huge incentives to take advantage of from both Toyota and CARB. Now is the time to make the switch to electric.

To get started, schedule an absolutely-no-obligation-whatsoever Power Analysis with a Total Power Solutions expert. We'll visit your warehouse and help you make a plan to stay ahead of regulations and make the most of cash incentives.


Optimize Your Power &
Transform Your Warehouse

We help warehouses in California & Nevada power their operations efficiently and maximize productivity

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It's easy to get started with us: